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Oil severance tax passes Senate committee

State Hornet Staff

May 13, 2014

An oil severance tax that would generate $1 billion towards education was passed by the California Governance and Finance committee May 9.The bill, authored by Sen. Noreen Evans, would impose a 9.5 percent fee for each barrel of oil and generate $2 billion to be split in half between higher education,...

Activists want taxes for oil extraction to help fund California higher education

State Hornet Staff

April 16, 2014

At a San Jose State town hall meeting April 9, environmental activist and billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer demanded oil companies agree to pay a severance tax on the extraction of oil in California.Steyer has opposed oil companies in the past with Propositions 23 and 39, and won on both occasions. St...

California bill would tax oil companies, fund higher education

Jonathan Ayestas

March 5, 2014

California Senator Noreen Evans introduced the California Fair Resources and Reinvestment Act in February, with hopes it will give more money to universities in California. The bill would impose a 9.5 percent extraction tax on oil companies that pull resources from the ground or water in Califo...