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Taco Bell voted ‘Best Off-Campus Eatery’

Taco Bell voted ‘Best Off-Campus Eatery’

Nijzel Dotson

May 12, 2020

Sacramento State students voted Taco Bell as the best off-campus eatery in The State Hornet’s annual Best Of Sac State survey. While it isn’t the most glamorous option, Taco Bell’s convenient location and inexpensive prices  have made it a go-to spot for Sac State students. Some may be caught o...

OneCard food discounts help students save money

Sammie Moreno

October 9, 2013

With college students having to pay for bills and gas, eating out at restaurants can prove to be an expensive ordeal for one’s bank account.For Sacramento State students, more than 40 participating eateries in the area offer discounted meals with just a flash of the student I.D. card better known as th...

The beef with Taco Bell

Dante Frattini

February 2, 2011

According to an Associated Press story published on Jan. 4, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Taco Bell that accuses the fast food company of false advertising. A huge corporation that profits off clogging the arteries of drunken college students not being truthful? Say it ain't so. In its c...