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Ditching the pen and paper

Tiffany Martel October 5, 2015

Looking back to 30 years ago, I don't think anyone would have ever thought how much technology would have evolved. The most "futuristic" fantasy we would have ever thought of or imagined was watching...

New app hopes users get in Trebel

Claudia Rivas September 15, 2015

Trebel Music is one of many apps and startups hoping to become popular in the new age of experiencing music.Young people consume music daily in a world where streaming services and websites such as YouTube,...

Sacramento State professor integrates smartphones into curriculum

Ilian Cerventes March 5, 2014

Sacramento State’s senior Allison Coltisor never thought she would be allowed to use phones in the classroom, but her learning outlook was drastically altered in a speech pathology class taught by Professor...

ASI survey reveals students not in favor of community garden

Cesar Alexander December 4, 2013

Sacramento State’s Associated Student Inc. has gathered the results from its student voice survey, which asked students to voice interest in possibly having a community garden, student pantry and Sac...

Technology in communication should be for everyone

Many consumers of communication have learned to embrace new technology that allows them to share information in new, fast ways. 
Jaime Carrillo November 15, 2013

The telephone, the telegraph and the cotton gin are all incredible feats of human ingenuity that changed the world in their time. They also didn’t receive half the flack smartphones and social media...

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