The State Hornet

Local shopping encouraged this season

Virginia McCormick

November 19, 2014

As Black Friday and the gift-giving season approaches, stores are gearing up for the influx of holiday shoppers.That includes Midtown Sacramento brick-and-mortar stores, of which 12 have decided to try fighting back the online shopping buzz by drumming up some unique business offers.During the month of Nov...

Winter break is great, unless you work retail

State Hornet Staff

December 11, 2013

Christmas time is finally here and us college students are looking forward to graduation, celebrating the holidays with the family and a five week break to recover from the semester and prepare for the next. Unless, of course, you work in retail. Working retail over the break is something people look fo...

Shopping choices lead to longtime consumer loyalty

Anthony Nathan

April 24, 2013

Nike isn’t in the shoe business, Levi’s specialty isn’t denim and Polo doesn’t just sell shirts. What these companies are doing is selling different images or a lifestyle. Clever marketing techniques by these brands invoke emotional connections to products by focusing on desirable images whi...