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When it comes to reading assignments sometimes less is more

State Hornet Staff

November 13, 2013

Entering the college world, it was expected there would be hefty reading assignments. However, some professors expect obnoxious amounts of reading to be done in an unrealistic amount of time, resulting in students skimming the material and missing main the ideas in the readings. The majority of studen...

Sac State’s Bookworms group helps kids get a head start on reading

Ivy McDonald

November 13, 2011

One communication studies class on campus is trying to help underprivileged children in the area by hosting a book drive. Nick Trujillo's senior seminar in small group communication has formed the Bookworms, a small group that has been collecting books for kids throughout the semester. "It's a rea...

Books offer pleasures unrivaled by modern-day gizmos, gadgets

Books offer pleasures unrivaled by modern-day gizmos, gadgets

Catalina Carapia-Aguillon

October 19, 2011

Technology has changed the popular concept of recreation, especially for students. Today, most students' idea of unwinding after a long day is spending an hour on Facebook or playing a video game. However, as tempting as it is to veg in front of a screen after class, it doesn't compare to the traditional hob...