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The Well partners with SMUD to energize electrical grid through students working out

ReRev is the system being used by The Well and SMUD to convert human energy in to electricity. Currently, 19 machines at The Well are using the system.

Kayla Oliverio

April 9, 2013

On Tuesday, Sacramento State will display how working out at The Well now not only energizes the body, but energizes an entire electrical grid. This isn’t science fiction, but a new partnership with SMUD in Sac State’s newest effort to join the green revolution. These energy-generating workout machi...

Buzz of the Crowd: What big wins mean for small college teams

State Hornet Staff

September 12, 2012

College football starts off the same way every season: Most big NCAA football programs play smaller schools and cruise to a commanding victory. Oregon State and the University of Colorado are no exceptions to this rule. During the past decade, the two teams have hosted schools with smaller football programs lik...

Giants, A’s push for the playoffs

Russell Preston 

State Hornet Staff

August 29, 2012

With nearly a month left in the regular season of Major League Baseball, there is something special going on in the Bay Area: Oakland and San Francisco both making strong playoff runs.The last time both teams made the playoffs was in 2003. Just take a moment and imagine where you were in September of 200...