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March 12, 2013

Cristina Lule This little indie darling came out of its Sundance Film Festival debut last year with high praise. Right away, what got me intrigued was the premise: Three journalists head out to Seattle to do an exposé on a man who puts out a classified ad seeking a time-traveling partner. “Safety Not Guaranteed” has a quirky charm about it and equally charming quirky characters. The film’s odd premise keeps things light, but then I quickly realized how little it actually had to do with time travel. The real travel was either the journey the characters took discovering something about themselves or the time they spent living in the past. If you like time-travel films, “Star Wars” references or surprise endings, you should definitely check out “Safety Not Guaranteed.” Scott Barrett The first time I heard the French musician Françoiz Breut, it was by chance. The hours of albums on repeat thereafter and for years to come were entirely by choice. This past January, Mrs. Breut released her sixth album, La Chirurgie Des Sentiments, in line with her usual style, which is almost one all to herself. Her music is generally classified as indie, moody French pop and chanson. Francoiz’s songs are mostly sung in French, which, although I do not understand a word, draws me even further into the entrancing and mysterious sway that her vocals possess. Françoiz Breut is largely unknown in the American scene but take a chance and listen.