The State Hornet

Dog days of summer

Alexis Atwood

September 10, 2014

Gov. Jerry Brown recently passed a bill that would allow dogs into restaurants. Granted, dogs can only be in the outside sections of restaurants and would not be allowed in if it has a history of attacking people.This may get Fido out of the scorching sun while you enjoy lunch, he should ultimately b...

Save money by making sushi at home

Make your rolls meat-free by stuffing them with lots vegetables such as carrots, squash, asparagus, zucchini and tomatoes.

Ronnie Dela Cruz

November 7, 2012

Let’s face it - eating out can make your money disappear fast. We love going out for sushi; however, we do not love the bill we receive after devouring the tasty dish. When we discovered how to make sushi at home, our wallets became a lot thicker. With these four recipes you can make four sushi rolls f...

French toast has never tasted so good

Adding French toast to a BLT gives the classic sandwich a moist, salty crunch that compliments the crispy bacon slices.

Camille Anglo and Alex Mecredy

October 10, 2012

An offshoot of the Croque Monsieur (ham, cheese and toasted bread smothered in Swiss cheese), the French toast BLT is a twist on both the sandwich and classic breakfast favorite. To most people, the idea of bacon between two pieces of French toast seems appalling, but this version is not the typical s...