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Why we need feminism

Rachel Rosenbaum

September 15, 2014

Let’s be real: Whenever someone says the word “feminism”, most men, and even some women, roll their eyes and picture a group of bossy, unshaven females picketing and shouting why they hate the opposite sex. This textbook reaction is not only sensational, it is exactly why we need feminism....

Teen profanity illustration

Teen profanity illustration

McClatchy Tribune courtesy photo

May 6, 2014

300 dpi Charles Waltmire color illustration of teen in black T-shirt with soap bubbles in mouth (washing mouth out with soap.) The Sacramento Bee 2008teen profanity illustration soap soapy washing mouth out with teenager black teeshirt skull clean language swear curse cussing cuss foul mouthed manners ...

Provost looks to increase international awareness, students

Provost looks to increase international awareness, students

State Hornet Staff

April 23, 2014

Sacramento State’s Office of the Provost is in the early planning stages of international recruitment to increase the number of foreign students on campus.   Donald Taylor, associate vice president of Academic Programs and Global Engagement, said there is a large market for international students...

Casual language can be viewed the wrong way

Scott Barrett

February 20, 2013

Beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, habits, values, and destiny; that is the famous order in which Gandhi suggested one becomes another. After an interesting second meeting lecture in an upper-division English class, it is words that have me wondering. We may not be so conscious of our casual use of langu...

Bilingualism an underestimated ability still worthy of embracing

Catalina Carapia-Aguillon

November 2, 2011

Even with the diversity the U.S. has, bilingualism is under-appreciated in America. Most students have taken a required foreign language course at some point, but few actually retain the language. This is largely due to America's ethnocentrism. This sense of cultural superiority downplays the importance ...