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’28 Weeks Later’: Not quite infectiously fun

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Brandon Wolfe

May 17, 2007

In 2002's "28 Days Later," a viral outbreak ran rampant across London, turning the populace into bloody eyed, insane zombies (well, if you want to get technical, they were ill people with zombie-like qualities, not the walking dead). A band of survivors had to make it out of the city alive, dealing ...

Even though ‘Poseidon’ sinks, this movie doesn’t

Image: Even though 'Poseidon' sinks, this movie doesn't:Mike Vogel and Emmy Rossum star in

Josh Huggett

May 12, 2006

The summer blockbusters are here and with it inevitably come the epic disaster films. Take a big boat, an even bigger wave, a cast of good looking actors, and literally mix them all together and you get "Poseidon." A remake of the 1972 classic "The Poseidon Adventure," starring Gene Hackman, Poseidon is the st...

This ‘mission’ is better than the rest

Image: This 'mission' is better than the rest:Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) right, rescues IMF Agent Lindsey Farris (Keri Russell) in

Aubrey Henry

May 5, 2006

It seems only fashionable nowadays to figuratively jump all over Tom Cruise like he literally did to a certain talk show hostess' couch. At the risk of sounding unoriginal, I was never a huge fan of Cruise. From Cocktail, to Top Gun, to A Few Good Men and down the line, I didn't like Tom because he w...

This futuristic film brings comic book ‘vendettas’ to life

Image: This futuristic film brings comic book 'vendettas' to life:Natalie Portman as

Josh Huggett

March 24, 2006

The vigilant valor and violence revealed by the vigilante in "V for Vendetta" vicariously vows to validate the very verocity of various movie fanatics and conveys an undertone that is viable and virtuous. See the movie and you'll understand what I'm talking about. The fascist British government has em...