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Hungry students need later food options

State Hornet Staff October 22, 2013

The food services at Sacramento State close too early at night considering some students are in class until 10 p.m. and many stay on campus through the night. In fact, Burger King, Round Table and the...

My childhood love for junk food

Spicy hot dogs were the go-to junk food because they were the easiest thing to cook.
Jane Park March 16, 2013

As a child, you are often taught by your parents how to develop healthy eating habits. For me, it was the complete opposite. Instead of eating healthy, I found every way possible to eat junk food. Junk...

GAME THEORY: Gamer’s diet not as poor as advertised

GAME THEORY: Gamer’s diet not as poor as advertised
State Hornet Staff April 24, 2012

Video gamers have never been known for having good diets. The last thing on a gamer’s mind is what to eat when in a long session of game time. It’s no surprise gamers have the stigma of eating nothing...

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