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Humanities majors share their passions

Johanna Pugh

December 16, 2014

Some say finding and pursuing a passion in college is a solid goal to have. It is not always easy, or one everyone meets.Every student pursues higher education for different reasons, and there are a vast number of majors reflecting this.There are scientists, there are artists, there are mathematicia...

Harry Potter fans may be in for a few surprises

Justyce Mirjanovic

November 7, 2014

When J.K. Rowling posted a riddle on her Twitter account, fans went crazy trying to decode it. They concluded she was working on something amazing and hoped it was another series about Harry Potter.“I would really like to find out about other parts of the HP world,” said religious studies majo...

The quick evolution of technology

Justyce Mirjanovic

October 9, 2014

Technology has created its own place in the world and there is no going back. From flip phones to iPhones, there is no denying technology has become an everyday part of life.The cellphone is not the only device that has come a long way, but it did almost make the house phone non-existent. Before cel...