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Student balances life at school and as a performer

Jasmine Alston October 15, 2014

Late nights and early mornings is how most students go about handling the semester, whether it is with parties or staying up late to study and then getting up for class the next day. But dedicating time...

Hip-hop and rap genre: a cultural revolution

Daniel Magalit October 9, 2014

Hip-hop and rap today is not the same as yesteryear’s. The differences in hip-hop today and hip-hop then, is most discernible in lyrical content, the production of sounds and possibly in the lack of...

Changing the way we view the word ‘bitch’

State Hornet Staff April 15, 2014

Depending on how it is used, the word bitch can describe a multitude of females. But, if a woman owns that word, the power of the word is given to her. Sophomore child development and French double major...

Celebrity Voters

Camille Weber color illustration of a donkey and elephant voting.
Samantha Gallegos October 30, 2012

Celebrities have the ability to influence the public on everything, but their potential impact on elections and the political process is devastating considering they aren’t always the most informed sources....

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