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The desocialization of social media

The desocialization of social media

Cambrie Sevaaetasi

October 1, 2015

We are more glued to our screens than each other.From birthday wishes to everyday events, nothing is missed on social media. It’s like being there without really being there… or is it?Social media is a market of continual growth. Some of the most popular social mediums out there are Tumblr, Pintrest...

Insta-Queer allows diverse students to mingle

Daniel Magalit

February 13, 2015

Organizations that provide safe zones for people to freely express themselves are crucial to those that may be struggling with aspects of their identity, or just do not feel comfortable being themselves in certain spaces.The PRIDE Center, on the first floor of the University Union at Sacramento State, ...

Technology is replacing face-to-face communication

State Hornet Staff

May 6, 2014

It is such a disappointing sight to see so many people on their phones and computers trolling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine.When technology infiltrated the world of communication, it started phasing out personal connections and created a world based on likes and hashtags. “It is much easier ...

Useful apps for time gaps

Kaitlin Sansenbach

January 8, 2014

Today’s upgraded technology has led businesses to create some of the most useful and entertaining applications people have seen in years. Everything from resourceful tools to mindless games are just a click away.Previously, cell phones just came with the standard necessities – calculator, calendar,...