Technology is replacing face-to-face communication

State Hornet Staff

It is such a disappointing sight to see so many people on their phones and computers trolling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine.

When technology infiltrated the world of communication, it started phasing out personal connections and created a world based on likes and hashtags. 

“It is much easier to communicate and stay in contact with people over the internet,” said senior nursing major Dustin Dy. “It makes people more efficient with their time.” 

Although some may say these websites have positive effects on our society, there are more negative impacts that should make us think twice about using them.

So many people are on these sites, visiting them religiously, but this causes a few issues that make them destructive. It is nice to see how old friends are doing, but their posts affect how we view our own lives and may lead us to compare ourselves to them. 

“Social media can cause drama and bring out insecurities in peers. If we were to erase all social media there would be no more issues,” said senior music major Matt Rodriguez. 

This new wave of staying connected is a bit overdone, and should be done in moderation. There are more important things to worry about other than keeping up with people you aren’t closely connected to anymore. 

It is ironic that people love where technology has taken society because even with all the newly created sites and apps, society wouldn’t mind giving up a few new toys for some of the old ones.

Hashtags like “Throwback Thursday” that are posted on Instagram and other sites represents a simpler time and brings back that nostalgic feeling of the past. 

Even though society wants to move forward and stay connected through social media, the good things from the past will always triumph and face-to-face communication will eventually beat out social media websites.