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A taste of Indian classical music

Pornmanus Saetae

February 9, 2015

On Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. in Capistrano Hall, a concert was held featuring Indian vocalist Amutha Satish. Performing alongside the artist were musicians Vignesh Thyagarajan and Amit Rangathan.The concert was put together by Sacramento State and co-sponsored by Sacramento Aradhana, a non-profit organization ...

Business major writes in hopes of helping others

Salvin Chalal performs using clever wordplay on July 25, at the Heartwood Community Cafe in Vancouver, Canada. 

Courtesy of Rupi Kaur

November 20, 2014

While many young adults toil away at finding their passion in life, there are some who are able to not only find it, but also cultivate passion into something worthwhile.Salvin Chahal is one of those people.At just 20 years old, the Sacramento State junior business major has garnered an impressive list of accomp...

Thanksgiving meals are more than just turkey and gravy

Justyce Mirjanovic

November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving is a holiday spent eating, celebrating and spending time with family. The food plays a very important role in this holiday, with turkey being the main dish.America is very diverse and many cultures have their own type of food they choose to eat on Thanksgiving. Some cultures do not even bother...

Race and diversity classes make some students uncomfortable

Race and diversity classes make some students uncomfortable

Kaitlin Sansenbach

October 1, 2013

Along with other universities in California, Sacramento State requires all students to take a race and ethnicity course to examine significant aspects of different cultures or underrepresented minorities. However, in doing so they are creating a prejudice of their own. The whole point of the race and ...

Make chana masala at home

Make chana masala at home

Janice Daniels

January 16, 2012

Many times last semester, I found myself making lunchpurchases at restaurants in The Union. Of course, as a vegan, I hadto be careful about the choices I was making, but not knowingexactly what was in the food I was being served still scares me. Wespend so much on beans and rice at restaurants, and even...