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Double Coverage- Pole dancing: An Olympic sport?

stripper1:The World Pole Sport Federation is working on getting its sport into the Olympics so that the athletes can be recognized. :Photos courtesy of McClatchy Tribune

Marice Cohn Band

March 1, 2011

Fervent gyrating with the music, toned bodies flexing with each movement and glistening, slick with sweat, the sweet smell of crisp dollar bills sticky against naked skin &- sound like a typical Friday night at the strip club with the boys? Well sorry guys, but pole dancing isn't just for private viewi...

Medicine is not a solution to all of our problems

medicating problems::McClatchy Tribune

Dante Frattini

December 1, 2010

Dante Frattini Americans are stereotypically lazy, obese NASCAR fans. No matter how true that may be, health is still a major focus for millions of people in the United States. Gyms, nutrition stores and Bowflex commercials are almost as prevalent as Taco Bells and Men's Big and Tall stores. Have you e...