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Spice up the holidays with chai cupcakes

Spice up the holidays with chai cupcakes

McClatchy Tribune

November 13, 2013

The swift entry of the cold weather season means one thing in many people’s homes– baking.The science of baking, as one might like to refer to the yummy pastime, assuredly precludes experimenting and trying out new recipes.One easy and convenient way to test out new flavor combinations is in the...

Episode One of ?The Office? season seven disappoints with dry jokes

Steve Carell::McClatchy Tribune

Daniel Vasilchuk

September 24, 2010

"The Office" has seemingly run dry of its usual happiness and quirkiness. The first episode begins with the staff members of theDunderMifflin Paper Company dancing andlip-syncingto a song &- which is not what I was expecting at the beginning of an "Office" episode. We then find out that TobyFlenders...