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Sac State fraternities break the mold

Graphic by Pierce Grohosky

October 30, 2014

Since their inception, fraternities have become a signifying part of the college experience. With over a dozen fraternity chapters at Sacramento State alone, their reach is widespread across the nation.While many fraternities pride themselves on their philanthropic efforts and creating a close-knit brot...

Sororities, fraternities fight against stereotypes

Sororities, fraternities fight against stereotypes

Cesar Alexander

November 20, 2013

Karen Carandang, a 21-year-old kinesiology major, was discouraged at first to join her sorority because of the way the media portrays these social groups.But Carandang eventually joined Kappa Psi Epsilon, a Filipino sorority, for its cultural relevance and discovered the benefits went beyond networki...