The State Hornet

Keeping the faith in college is not as hard as it sounds

Isabel Ward

March 6, 2013

Walking on campus may seem like a lonely tread for those of us who are believers. If you’re a person of faith in college today, you have probably experienced the feeling of being alone in your beliefs. This is one of the challenges that people of faith face in a culture where religion is declining...

Buzz of the Crowd: Football feels presence of Bloomfield’s spirit

After entering Hornet Field, the players paused for a moment of silence for the loss of their late teammate No. 43 John Bloomfield. Bloomfield passed away Sunday, Oct. 21.

State Hornet Staff

October 31, 2012

Some believe that when a person dies it is not necessarily the end.John Bloomfield has not been on the football field with his teammates since week one of the season, but his presence was felt when the Hornets knocked off No. 11 Cal Poly.The death of their teammate has been extremely emotional to Sacramen...

GRAY AREA: College should be a place to share religion freely.

Natalie Gray

March 7, 2012

Part of the college experience is finding and creating oneself, adapting to new cultures and exploring different beliefs. This experience should not include students being badgered for their chosen faith and world views. Los Angeles City College art student Jonathan Lopez’s public speaking professor ...