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CFA pickets for a higher raise

Zack Jordan

August 31, 2015

The members of the California Faculty Association picketed in front of Sacramento State to bring attention to their lack of pay. Those who were hired during the recession in 2008 are suffering the inflation in the economy and are getting salary inversion. According to the newsletter from C...

Sac State brings in 49 new faculty members

Daisy Aguilar

September 10, 2014

While Sacramento State has hired 49 new tenure-track faculty this fall semester, both students and professors hope to see more diversity for next year’s hiring expectation of 35 faculty.Although demographics of the new 49 faculty are not yet available, an issue in the past has been the University has no...

California Faculty Association continue negotiations with Cal State

State Hornet Staff

May 7, 2014

After approximately 15 years of growing distrust and disrespect between California State University faculty and management, a system-wide union is demanding to receive salary raises promised more than seven years ago.In the midst of negotiating a new collective bargaining contract, leading members of ...

Incoming and current students need more guidance from campus resources

Ashley Hurtado

May 6, 2014

Leaving the comfort of high school and home, many freshman students expect support from the university through programs and services.However, campus employees often seem to forget the impact they have on the student body. Bad experiences with employees can leave students unwelcomed and discouraged...

Council for Affirmative Action calls for faculty diversity

Ethnic studies professor Eric Vega lectures during the forum Thursday morning. 

Ilian Cervantes

April 8, 2014

The Council for Affirmative Action panelist speakers called Sacramento State students to action April 3, demanding diversity amongst faculty in a forum presentation marking 60 years since the landmark case Brown v. Board of Education deemed separate but equal segregation in education as unconstitu...

Faculty hiring expected to increase with higher budget

State Hornet Staff

April 2, 2014

With fiscal challenges and restrictive budget cuts for over three years, Sacramento State has finally seen progress in hiring with more than 40 new faculty members set to begin next fall.The university will bring 40 to 50 new tenure track hires across the seven colleges in multiple disciplines. Though ...

California Faculty Association continues bargaining for a new contract

Jonathan Ayestas

March 19, 2014

Salary and education issues between California State University and the California Faculty Association are improving for the first time since 2007. While CFA members find working with Chancellor Timothy White to be refreshing, they are still “cautiously optimistic,” according to Sacramento ...

Faculty express concerns regarding salary inequality

State Hornet Staff

December 11, 2013

While the California State University reached an agreement with the California Faculty Association in August on a $960 base salary increase - faculty’s first cost of living adjustment since 2007 - Sacramento State’s faculty remains concerned about continuing problems of salary inequality between experien...

California State University approves support budget for more students, faculty

Imran Majid

November 13, 2013

The California State Universities Board of Trustees approved its 2014-15 state support budget request Nov. 6 that includes additional funding for 20,000 new students and 500 new full-time faculty.The $237.6 million request focuses specifically on student access, success and completion of a degree, said...

Early morning classes give students, faculty flexibility in their schedule

Kathleen Pizzo

November 13, 2013

Sociology major Diana Macedonio, 22, regrets signing up for her 7:30 a.m. sociology class.“It’s difficult for me to wake up,” Macedonio said. “I’m less attentive than in my after lunch classes, because it’s hard for me to pay attention when I’m tired. My performance could be a lot bett...

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