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Staying green is a priority at Sac State

Staying green is a priority at Sac State

State Hornet Staff

October 1, 2015

At times when “going green” seems more like a nuisance than a benefit, it is important to remember that every bottle we recycle and every ounce of food we compost is propelling us forward into an age of sustainability.Sacramento State has been playing a major role in the sustainability effort. Rain gardens are being install...

“Becoming California” brings optimism to environment

State Hornet Staff

October 15, 2014

As Jim Baxter watched a presentation at San Francisco State comparing the landscape of 1800s California with modern-day grounds, he said he could not help but marvel at how dramatically the state had changed. He wanted other Californians to know about the effects of environmental change.Years later, ...

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September 18, 2014

Weekly Science Matters feature graphic: Mao pf Pacific region shows immense floating plastic trash deposit; what happens to world's plastic output. MCT 200906000000; 13000000; 17000000; ENV; krtenvironment environment; krtweather weather; krtnational national; krtscience science; krtscitech; krtworld ...

President’s tobacco taskforce wants smoke-free campus in 2014

Sac State students spent four hours collecting tobacco waste and hauled in 8,929 pieces of waste.

State Hornet Staff

March 19, 2013

Having to walk through carcinogen-filled cigarette smoke while headed to class is an unpleasant experience for senior health science major Eric Kenoyer. “For our campus, going tobacco-free and smoke-free (would promote) a cleaner environment and is pro-health,” Kenoyer said. “It’s not only healthy fo...

Green Team proposes farmers market for campus

Poul Larsen

September 28, 2011

A Sac State student-led initiative is cultivating a farmers market just in time for harvest season. The Associated Students, Inc. Green Team, a coalition focused on providing a student voice for sustainability on campus, presented their proposal for the market at the Sept. 16 Campus Sustainability Steering Commi...

Campus sustainability steering committee discusses ideas, accomplishments at the River Front Center

Poul Larsen

September 21, 2011

Student involvement and collaboration were major themes at the Campus Sustainability Steering Committee in the River Front Center Friday evening. The committee meets quarterly to share and discuss ideas, accomplishments, updates, and improvements that committee members generate within administrative...

Green efforts help meet CSU goals ahead of time

Green efforts help meet CSU goals ahead of time

Poul Larsen

September 14, 2011

The California State University system has been re-engineered to surpass its 2014 energy generation goals ahead of schedule, according to the CSU Chancellor's Office Sustainability Report. The report projects that the CSU system will exceed the Board of Trustees' 10 megawatt goal for solar power genera...

‘Green’ car-sharing program available for students

State Hornet Staff

August 31, 2011

Students, staff and faculty have the option to rent cars without the cost of gas or insurance this semester with the debut of the environmentally friendly Zipcars, part of  the world’s largest car-sharing program. Zipcars take a new approach to the traditional car-rental system by following the mantra of kee...

Field Biology Club shows frog extinction documentary

The Western Toad was one of the many frogs on display for people to see during the Save the Frogs event put on by the Field Biology Club and

Matt Harrington

April 27, 2011

With the help of the Field Biology Club, biologist Michael Starkey, of the conservation group, Save the Frogs, lectured on the importance of saving the world's frog species in the Hinde Auditorium Tuesday night. "Since 1979, 200 amphibian species have gone extinct world-wide," Starkey said. "This is not nor...