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Being a jerk is how to get a girl

Fabian Garcia

November 28, 2012

If you’ve ever known a girl who dated a jerk and wondered why she was with him, then you’re probably a nice guy. You probably treat females with the utmost respect and usually never make the first move. In other words, you probably have a permanent seat reserved for yourself in the friend zone. A lot...

Dating is a game everyone plays

Fabian Garcia

October 17, 2012

The fact some people play mind games with each other when searching for love is depressing. Rather than be sincere with our intentions and desires, too often we feel inclined to engage in a dance just to have that one guy or girl we want. Here’s the reality: There’s no need for games if both partie...

Students provide dating tips

Jackie Everhart

October 3, 2012

Meeting someone on campus can be difficult. Maybe you are too shy. Maybe you are unsure if he or she is into you; or if he or she is even the right person. Whatever the reason is, there are simple dating tips that you can follow in order to land you a sweet date this weekend. If you want my advice, jus...

Deep kiss illustration

Courtesy of McClatchy Tribune

August 31, 2011

300 dpi Julie Notarianni color illustration of couple kissing passionately. The Seattle Times 2008 deep kiss illustration kissing french mouth breath passion passionate sex sexy love romance couple dating novel lingering memories memory sexual sexuality 14000000, krtnational national, krtsocial socia...

Office love: worth a shot

officeromance::Courtesy of McClatchy Tribune

Dante Frattini

March 30, 2011

Dating within the workplace is a well-known taboo in this country. I say “this country” because I’m assuming there’s no problem with it in places like Europe. Europe is down for anything. Seriously, are there boundaries in that place? There’s nudity on the beaches, riots caused by soccer matches,...

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