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Male defecates and urinates on Solano stairwell, arrested for refusing to leave

Mugshot of Peter Samuels, the male arrested for refusing to leave campus after creating a health hazard with his defecation and urination. He was issued a notice of trespassing and taken to Sacramento County Main Jail

Daniel Magalit

February 13, 2015

Sacramento State police arrested a male who defecated and urinated on the stairwell of Solano Hall at approximately 5:36 a.m.The suspect, Samuel Peters, was taken to Sacramento County Main Jail when he refused to leave campus after receiving a notice of trespassing.“[Peters] probably had been sleeping t...

The ignorance of social media

Daniel Magalit

December 3, 2014

Recently, The Sacramento Bee posted images and a few articles on its Facebook page about protests throughout the country the night Darren Wilson was not indicted.As I read comments like, “Brown’s parents should have taught him better” and “the ‘homies’ should stop attacking whites,” I was ...