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Cheerleading team overcomes injury to take fourth place at Nationals

Universal Cheerleaders Association Facebook Page

January 28, 2015

Sacramento State’s all-girl cheerleading team finished fourth in the nation at the Universal Cheerleaders Association College Nationals in Orlando, Florida on Jan. 17.This is the second year Sac State has sent an all-girl team to nationals instead of a coed team, after circumstances led to the switch...

Sac State cheerleaders stunt their way to London for Olympic performances

Varsity Cheerleading representing UCA stunting in front of the 2012 Olympic Rings in London. 

State Hornet Staff

August 20, 2012

Sacramento State cheerleaders James Blunk and Hillery Swanson were two of the lucky 16 invited by Varsity Cheerleading & Dance to perform at the 2012 Olympic games in London and represent the Universal Cheerleaders Association.Blunk, 25, and Swanson, 22, have worked together and are ranked number 12 in ...

Hornet cheerleaders dispel stereotype as a female sport

Men on the Sacramento State cheerleading team hold up the women
after completing a stunt. The men are required to be in excellent
shape to hoist up team members.

State Hornet Staff

February 22, 2012

Male cheerleaders have been stereotypically categorized as being feminine, but the cheerleaders at Sacramento State are putting a stop to that stereotype and giving everyone a piece of their mind.There are six men and five women on the Sac State coed cheerleading team. They travel to Florida every yea...