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Student and friend robbed at gunpoint in parking lot 7

Imran Majid

April 16, 2013

A student and her boyfriend were robbed at gunpoint in Parking Lot 7 on Saturday evening. The victims did not sustain any injuries but their wallets, cell phones, and an iPad were taken. Police Chief Mark Iwasa said armed robbery is almost unheard of at Sacramento State, because students do not carry items of ...

EDITORIAL: Cell phone unlocking should be for all

State Hornet Staff

March 20, 2013

People should be able to use their property how they wish, within reasonable limitations as long as people and/or property are not damaged. While this is the rule for most products, one of the most glaring exceptions is how cell phones are often only allowed to be used within a certain carrier’s ne...

Disconnecting from technology is a must for stress management

Ashley Jung

April 5, 2012

While people-watching in the University Union with a couple friends, one might notice people are paying more attention to their phones than to their friends standing next to them.The constant attention phones demand have people putting aside personal time for the convenience of others. People are living ...