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EDITORIAL: Time is running out on Obamacare

(Photo from The Blue Diamond Gallery)

State Hornet

January 30, 2017

A cloud of uncertainty hangs over the future of affordable healthcare as the country waits to see what President Trump and a Republican Congress have planned for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Sacramento State students, and all Californians, should pay special attention to what decisions are made ...

New library dean has sights set on improvement

David Phan

April 1, 2015

After becoming the new dean of the Sacramento State University Library on March 2, Amy Kautzman has set eyes on receiving funds for a new library.“We are coming from a period of little to no money,” said Kautzman. “We’re trying to build services that support students. We’re moving from a 19th ...

Paving the way for Sen. Warren, 2016

Jaime Carrillo

December 4, 2013

We’re only into President Barack Obama’s first year of his second term and already every Democrat is revving up for 2016. And just like in 2008, the inevitable candidate seems to be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And like 2008, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Clinton receives another u...

California stands to benefit from legalizing weed

California stands to benefit from legalizing weed

Jaime Carrillo

September 17, 2013

The U.S. Department of Justice ruled Aug. 29 that it would not interfere with recent laws in Washington and Colorado that would allow for the sale and taxation of recreational pot. Now is the time for California to jump on the “legalize it” bandwagon.The federal government infringing on states’ rights...

EDITORIAL: Debates are debatable

State Hornet Staff

October 10, 2012

Televised presidential debates are events in which we as voters get to finally see the candidates have a battle of words to see who has a better plan for our country. This would be nice if it was what happened in a debate; unfortunately, what we get is more closely related to a pageant of who looked bes...

Sac State dean invited to discussion at White House

Camille Anglo

February 29, 2012

Sacramento State’s Dean of engineering and computer science Emir Macari visited the White House Feb. 8 and met with President Barack Obama to discuss the importance of engineering education to revitalize the economy. Macari, who is also a part of the executive board of the public policy committee of the American...

Obama administration’s climate change workshop focuses on protecting wildlife

Gerry Barnhart lectures Tuesday at the National Fish, Wildlife
and Plants Climate Adaption Strategy Workshop.

Mari Del Angel

February 1, 2012

The Department of Fish and Game co-hosted the first of five national public information workshops on the Obama administration's draft on climate change at CSUS in Modoc Hall on Tuesday, where more than 30 climate experts attended. Gerry Barnhart, National Adaptation Strategy Coordinator, said four mor...