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Sex should be satisfying

Ashley Jung May 1, 2013

There is a difference between having sex and having the sex you want to have.Having sex is healthy but that's only if it's actually stimulating to you. And by stimulating I mean it is something that turns...

Bisexuality is legitimate

Ashley Jung May 1, 2013

Most people think of bisexuals as drunk girls at parties who make out with other women for attention. Or they look at this person as a sex-crazed addict who can't make a set-in-stone decision as to what...

Professors who miss class are disrespecting students

Ashley Jung April 19, 2012

Students understand having a college degree is an achievement setting them apart in society. But when professors miss class, it puts a strain on the learning environment. With tuition costs on the rise,...

Disconnecting from technology is a must for stress management

Ashley Jung April 5, 2012

While people-watching in the University Union with a couple friends, one might notice people are paying more attention to their phones than to their friends standing next to them.The constant attention...

Stress management important in college

Ashley Jung March 14, 2012

It’s around midnight on a Wednesday, about halfway through the spring semester and there is no option of sleep in the near future. Staying up all night, feeling overworked and cramming to get five classes...

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