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No time for love

May 14, 2003

My best friend, "Samantha," was bawling when she called me last week. Her boyfriend had just broken up with her and she could barely compose herself enough to tell me what had happened. She said that she...

Our bodies, our sales

May 7, 2003

Think women: You are still recuperating from that last Sac State tuition bill, your rent payment is looming, your credit card bills are mounting from your latest fashion obsession and you don't even want...

Curing the college life overload

April 9, 2003

Does it feel as if the grip is tightening and you are ready to explode? Do you feel the pressure? You are not alone. Just when you think that everything is under control, then the world has just become...

Throwing rocks vs. casting ballots

April 2, 2003

Good morning America! Now it's time for another episode of... Operation Iraqi Freedom! Today we'll analyze how oil prices will change after we drop another 1,000 bombs over Baghdad. We'll talk with troops...

Your professor, Dr. Hewlett Packard

March 12, 2003

This semester, I noticed something very different about my classes at Sacramento State. Although I enrolled in upper-division classes that include theoretical discussions, I was surprised to find that...

Sticker shock at the gas pump

March 5, 2003

It didn't hit me until I filled up my gas tank at College Town Chevron last week. The receipt said $27. That couldn't be right. Just the week before that same tank cost $19. While I wasn't looking, someone...

Semi-sweet holiday

February 12, 2003

Take a stroll in your nearest mall, turn on the T.V. or listen to your favorite radio station. You'll likely see shimmering diamond advertisements and hear about sales on sexy lingerie for that special...

A Barbie-doll world

January 29, 2003

Now here's a rarity. A movie that dares suggest that a woman can be happy without a man. I recently rented the Sundance film, "Amy's O" which was written produced and starred Julie Davis. The film profiled...

Campus employee arrested for sex crimes

December 11, 2002

El Dorado County police arrested a Sacramento State employee on suspicion of forcing sexual acts on a juvenile for the past three years. Rex Anderson, 49, was taken into custody on campus Nov. 26, where...

Image: Campus bell tower is really a computer:Photo by Whitney Wallace/State Hornet:

Campus bell tower is really a computer

October 16, 2002

According to Donald Tucker, Assistant Director of Operations for the University Union, the "bell tower" that can be heard chiming on the hour throughout the campus is actually a synthesized machine. The...

Image: Fowl play in the hen house?:Photo by Jason LehrbaumState HornetThe few remaining roosters take cover behind the shrubs.:

Fowl play in the hen house?

October 2, 2002

A noticeable fall-off in the number of chickens and roosters on campus has some people wondering where they?ve gone. Douglas Bell, an assistant professor in the Biological Sciences program, said that there...

Campus security largely unchanged since Sept. 11

September 11, 2002

One year after the events of Sept. 11 only minor changes have been made to security at Sacramento State campus. Since Sept. 11, the campus police have been on hightened awareness. Police officers received...

New structure designated for students

September 4, 2002

University President Donald Gerth has designated the newly constructed Parking Structure II for student use only after months of debate over the equitability of parking allocation on campus. Gerth made...

Parking options weighed

May 15, 2002

The new parking structure near the University Union may be reserved for students as one of three options forwarded by a university committee on parking and fees. The ad hoc committee, comprised of students,...

Image: The future of commuting::

The future of commuting

May 15, 2002

Commuting to Sacramento State could get easier in the coming years, as city and regional planners launch several projects to widen roads, add parking and develop housing south of the campus. The City of...

UTAPS pushing alternative transportation

May 8, 2002

University Transportation and Parking Services and Facilities Management is thinking about the future of commuting and parking, even as the American Lung Association releases a report ranking the Sacramento...

Committee grapples with parking changes

May 8, 2002

A group of students, staff and faculty met to discuss possible changes to where staff and students will park during the fall semester, in light of a recent fee increase levied on students by President...

More student parking online for finals week

May 1, 2002

Students will find some relief from parking chaos during finals week, as University Transportation and Parking Services makes provisions for one of the busiest weeks in the semester. Nancy Fox, manager...

Earth Day comes to Sacramento State

April 24, 2002

Nearly 175 exhibitors, musicians and speakers came together Saturday at Sacramento State to bring environmental awareness to the public at Earth Day 2002. Organizers expected 10,000 people to participate...

Abandon Productions presents “Sorta?”

April 17, 2002

Abandon Productions uses its unique acting style in its newest theatrical comedy, "Sorta?," which premieres April 5 through May 18 at The Space in Sacramento. According to Stepanie Rosscup, cast member...

Student parking fee hike coming this fall

April 10, 2002

Student parking fees will increase by more than $20 next semester according to a Sacramento State administrator at the Parking Forum last Thursday. Edward Del Biaggio, Vice President for Administration,...

UTAPS looks at options

April 10, 2002

University Transportation and Parking Services officials are considering several options to the address a campus parking dilemma that looks to only get worse in the coming years. As Sacramento State?s...

UTAPS student employee more than tickets

April 3, 2002

Student employees of University Transportation and Parking Services find both stress and fullfillment as clerks, drivers, customer service representatives and Community Service Officers on campus. UTAPS...

Image: Break it up!:Photo by Barrett Lyon/State Hornet:

Break it up!

March 20, 2002

Two roosters are lucky to be alive after a Facilities Management worker broke up their battle on campus last week. Otha Swanigan, a facilities management worker, said he was looking out the window of the...

Unpaid parking tickets snag drivers at DMV

March 13, 2002

The Department of Motor Vehicles and Sacramento State have an agreement to hold vehicle registration if parking citation fees are left unpaid. According to University Transportation and Parking Services,...

Students urged to ride RT, but most don’t

March 6, 2002

Most students are bypassing the alternative transportation programs Sacramento State offers in favor of driving to school, even as on-campus parking continues to be scarce. Studies show that although some...

Image: New stop sign installed near Hornet Bookstore:The new stop sign placed near the Hornet Bookstore may help enforce traffic and avoid future accidents. Photo by:

New stop sign installed near Hornet Bookstore

February 27, 2002

University officials have green-lighted new safety measures at the crosswalk where a professor was struck by a car two weeks ago, reversing their decision just one month ago to do nothing at the site despite...

CSUS was warned about road

February 20, 2002

Less than three hours before a professor was struck by a car while crossing the street near the bookstore, campus employees warned university transportation officials that pedestrians may be at risk for...

Image: Parking Structure II::

Parking Structure II

February 4, 2002

Parking-wearystudents anxiously await the completion of amulti-level garage that planners say is ahead ofschedule and should be ready for Sacramento State?sfall semester. Students said that the parking...

Free PT service starts on campus

January 27, 2002

Give them your twisted, your tweaked, your soreankles, yearning to free...of pain. Sacramento State physical therapy students are lookingfor anyone with aches in their legs, feet, hips,ankles or knees...

Students feeling finals week pressure

December 4, 2001

With the fall semester drawing to a close, Sacramento State students are taking advantage of extended library hours and tutoring services to finish projects and prepare for finals. Anticipating a rush...

Professors discuss Sept. 11 attacks, aftermath at forums

November 27, 2001

Sacramento State professors offered their different perspectives on the Sept. 11 attacks in New York and Washington at two forums in the University Union Nov 13. The forums, titled "War, Peace and the...

Sac State Runs for kids

November 13, 2001

Students and community members participated in a five-kilometer race around the Sacramento State campus Sunday to benefit the UC Davis Children?s Hospital. The "Run for Kids" race, sponsored by the Sac...

Sac State collects bears for families of 9-11 victims

November 7, 2001

Two Sacramento State organizations, along with several other area groups, recently teamed up to collect teddy bears for families that lost loved ones in the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington....

Women’s Faculty Caucus breaks new ground

October 17, 2001

Concerns about employment conditions for female faculty led the discussion during Friday's Women's Faculty Caucus meeting. Maria Alexandrino, Professor of Criminal Justice; Amanda Godley, Professor of...

Campus smokers could be snubbed

September 26, 2001

A resolution calling for the elimination of smoking and tobacco sales on the Sacramento State campus will be considered at Associated Students, Inc.?s 1 p.m. meeting today. Written by ASI board members...

Dumpster divers descend on dorms

September 24, 2001

Sightings of people sifting through dumpsters for recyclables have become a common occurrence at Sacramento State residence halls over the past few years. Since aluminum and cardboard can be recycled for...

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