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Right photo: Managing editor Magaly Muñoz and her mom after her pre-K graduation. Left photo: Muñoz and her dad at an award ceremony from her elementary school. In her latest testimony, Magaly talks about her experience with being embarrassed by her Hispanic heritage at a young age.

TESTIMONIAL: I had to learn to love my Hispanic heritage

Magaly Muñoz, managing editor October 4, 2021
In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, managing editor Magaly Muñoz talks about learning to love being Hispanic after years of growing up in an environment that looked nothing like her everyday life.
Opinion writer Shelby Tolly said writing about video games helped her gain confidence and to find her place in life before her diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 21.

TESTIMONIAL: How journalism helped me find my voice

Shelby Tolly February 4, 2021
Opinion writer Shelby Tolly shares her story on finding her voice and coming to terms with her autism diagnosis.
Rest in peace to the many lives that have been taken too soon. They’re gone, but never forgotten.

TESTIMONIAL: I’m no stranger to death

Magaly Muñoz, opinion editor January 27, 2021
“Unfortunately, in my short 20 years, I’ve been around it more times then I would like to, and it’s taken its rightful toll on me.” Read more as opinion editor Magaly Muñoz shares her experience with loss and death at a young age.
KYLIEBYTES: ‘Goodbyte’ to my year in college journalism

KYLIEBYTES: ‘Goodbyte’ to my year in college journalism

Kylie Robison December 15, 2020
As our technology reporter Kylie Robison wraps up her year with The State Hornet, she’s written her final “goodbytes” to our amazing staff.
Robyns grandparents at the dinner table in 2019 celebrating Robyns grandmas birthday. Photo courtesy of Robyn Dobson

OPINION: Stay home so my papa can get the care he needs

Robyn Dobson, Sports Editor April 6, 2020

My papa’s kidneys are failing. They are currently functioning at 24%. You wouldn’t know it if you met him though. He is one of the most stubborn and active 87 year olds that I have ever met. He’s...

Questioning your sexuality is normal, but questioning it after coming out of the closet can open a lot of new doors. Graphic by Kayla Brown

TESTIMONIAL: Sexuality isn’t linear

Kayla Brown November 6, 2019

“Why are you calling yourself gay? I thought you were bisexual.”  Those words resonated with me when I was 16, and at 21, they hang over me like a cloud of stigma. The only difference between then...

Graphic created by Kayla Brown
Being singled out by your family for being a liberal is a painful experience. No one expects their family to turn on them over politics.

TESTIMONIAL: I’m forced to hide my political beliefs from my family

Kayla Brown November 3, 2019

When I tell people I’m from a town down by Los Angeles, a lot of people assume I was raised in a liberal community, but weirdly enough I was born and raised in a “red” city full of gun owners and...

TESTIMONIAL: Mental illness needs to be taken more seriously in the Mexican community

TESTIMONIAL: Mental illness needs to be taken more seriously in the Mexican community

Magaly Muñoz October 26, 2019

A subject that I try to ignore, yet always gets brought up in my day-to-day life, is mental illness. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I avoid all of my very obvious depressive and anxious symptoms...

Credit Card vs Debit Card by Marco Rosales.  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

TESTIMONIAL: I wish my parents were more open about finances

Kayla Brown September 19, 2019

I was 18 when I opened up my first credit card. I went to the bank when I had a free period between classes and applied for a college credit card through Wells Fargo. The entire time that I was sitting...

State Hornet sports features writer Richard Ivanowski and his wife Kate walk down the aisle at their wedding on Saturday, June 15 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

TESTIMONIAL: How a viral tweet became the defining feature of my wedding day

Richard Ivanowski September 9, 2019

Getting married is serious business. It involves months of intense planning and staggering amounts of money. It means pledging your life to another person, often with spoken vows that include words like...

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