State Hornet Broadcast: Oops! All sports

Kris Hall and Lauren Reagan

On the sixth incantation of The Buzzin’ Dozen, sports reporters Nathan Cromwell and Nate Smith recap the latest list of the top 12 student athletes.

In descending order from 12-1, the Nate’s numerically volley each athlete, providing statistics and further insight by highlighting each player’s game and outstanding athletic accomplishments.

Then multimedia staffer Michael Pacheco reports on the final women’s basketball home game before they shipped out to Big Sky.

The Hornets got to celebrate with the Big Sky regular season championship trophy and cut the net down from the hoop at The Nest to celebrate the best women’s basketball season in Sac State’s history.

Production brought to you by Kris Hall, Lauren Reagan, Michael Pacheco and Fernando Navarrete.

Additional reporting and production brought to you by Nathan Cromwell, Nate Smith, Myla Booth, Arely Duran and Hugo Quintanilla.