Avengers, assemble! Why the MCU is one of the greatest movie franchises

Jarvis, play “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin.


Dominique Williams

Staff writer Jenelle Lum shows her appreciation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She hopes to work at Marvel Studios for the franchise one day.

Jenelle Lum, staff writer

It was a Saturday morning in May 2012; I was in line at the movie theater buying tickets for “The Avengers” after begging my parents to see it all week long. I knew about Marvel characters like the Hulk and the Fantastic Four but this was my first time seeing a movie set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Little did I know that this film would change everything– from the way that I think about film as a whole to the clothes I wear everyday. Marvel movies would become a part of my life.

After seeing “The Avengers” I went back and watched every Marvel movie that was released before it so I would be prepared for the next movie when it came out. I had officially joined the MCU fandom.

The MCU is unlike any other film franchise because each movie connects together like a puzzle piece. They are written with precision and ultimately lead to major events from their stories in the Marvel comic books they came from.

Some of the more abstract ideas presented in the movies, such as time travel, are explained clearly to the audience and incorporate a balance of action and comedy.

Each film incorporates “end credit” scenes that play after the credits roll and provide details that are crucial to the plots of future MCU films. Shame on those fake fans who skip them!

I really admire the MCU because the writers are consistent and they ensure a level of quality in each film. The directors have their own unique styles that work for every individual movie because the characters are so diverse.

Taika Waititi needs to direct every “Thor” movie from now on and James Gunn is the perfect director for “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

In regards to quality of writing and directing, these movies have set the bar extremely high for me. If the writing is not Marvel quality, I don’t want it!

I am tired of seeing the same type of movies and ideas recycled with a new name. Marvel does something new with every movie whether big or small.

Marvel Studios constantly pushes themselves to do better by listening to fans, being more inclusive with actors and experimenting with new methods of telling stories. Movies like “Black Panther” and “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” feature people of color in the leading roles and have significant cultural impacts that have not been achieved by many other major franchises.

Like all good films should, MCU movies provide a nice two-and-a-half to three hour escape from life and reality. The special effects keep your eyes on the screen and the mystery and dialogue keep your heart and mind engaged.

Some of my favorite lines of dialogue from cinema come from the MCU, especially from characters like Ant-Man and my favorite villain, Loki. I love when Loki says in “Thor: Ragnarok”, “You had one job. Just the one.” I use that GIF all the time.

Loki in Thor: Ragnarok berates Skurge for failing to keep Thor out of Asgard. Loki relaxes his role as a villain in this movie and plays more of a reluctant supporting character. (Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel Studios)

Being part of the MCU fandom has led me to new friends over the 14 years of Marvel movies. I enjoy bonding with people in our discussions about the franchise.

I am glad to see that the fandom has grown so much within the last ten years as a result of the MCU’s success. People used to judge me for geeking out over the latest superhero movies but now, showing passion for pop culture is becoming normalized.

Marvel has created a space where people can express themselves and find a character that they relate to. It is rare to find an ongoing film franchise that has such a wide variety of characters and a dedicated fandom.

I love the direction the MCU is heading after the loss of major characters like Iron Man, Black Widow and Captain America in “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame”.

The MCU recently expanded from movies to shows streaming on Disney+.

The shows are entertaining to watch because they are like separate adventures with some of the less popular characters. The shows are presented in a similar way to reading various series of comic books.

New shows are coming soon to Disney+, introducing new characters such as “Moon Knight,” in his own series releasing on March 30. I am excited to see Marvel’s future projects for the MCU and will cover them here at The State Hornet.

Until then, “I am Groot.”

Lum enjoys collecting Marvel themed figurines like this Groot “Tsum Tsum” (tiny stuffed animal). She wishes they would sell the discontinued plushies again. (Dominique Williams)