“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” DLC and the plague of unfinished games: THE USUAL SPOT


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Zachary Cimaglio

Come hang out at “The Usual Spot,” from The State Hornet podcast network, for gaming news, discussion, critical analysis and just general geek talk. 

Hosted by A&E staffer Zach Cimaglio, episodes can range in topics from upcoming releases, gaming-related internet content or movies and possibly even guest stars to keep things nice and fresh. 

This week’s episode covers everything you need to know about the new “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” DLC, and Zach’s mixed opinions about it, which leads into his overall view of Nintendo as a company and their tendency to release “beta” products at full price. 

Discussions go deeper into the ethics of charging a monthly fee for 20-year-old games without much real improvement to warrant the price, as well as Nintendo’s refusal to lower the price on games that have been out for several years already.

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