Newsom survives recall, editor roundtable reacts: STATE HORNET SPOTLIGHT


Gavin Newsom retains his position as Governor of California after 63 percent voted no to the recall on Tuesday. Photo of “Gavin Newsom” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Mack Ervin III, Jordan Parker, and Magaly Muñoz

A follow-up episode of the State Hornet Spotlight podcast features podcast editor Mack Ervin III, Editor-in-Chief Jordan Parker and managing editor Magaly Muñoz giving their immediate reaction following the 2021 California recall election.

The three debate the wider than expected margin of victory, what the future may hold for candidates Larry Elder and Kevin Paffrath and how Gavin Newsom and the Democrats found their mojo to revive his governorship and future political prospects.

Music: Inspired by Kevin MacLeod

Newsom audio from KTVU: Newsom victory speech: governor ‘humbled and grateful’ after California recall fails

Elder audio from Forbes and AP: ‘Stay Tuned’: Larry Elder Hints At Future Plans In Concession Speech, Larry Elder concedes California recall defeat