E-Swarm Report week of March 12: Sac State esports teams destroy in SSBU

League of Legends gets swept


Colby Case

Each week, The State Hornet will recap all the action from Sac State’s esports games. Heavy losses in the Valorant scene and glorious victories for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and League of Legends.

Colby Case

Hornets secure close victory in League of Legends

Big Sky Conference

The Hornets took on the Portland Vikings in their last game before the playoffs. Winning 2-1, the Hornets will be going into the playoff season undefeated, 7-0. 

The first game started with difficulty for the Hornets (7-0) due to the Vikings (4-3) making plays early that paid off in the later game securing the win for the Vikings at the 36 minute mark with 22 kills to 7 and a 8k gold lead. The second game was reversed.

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The Hornets tower dive the Viking’s bottom lane securing early and crucial kills that tilted the game in the Hornets favor on Saturday, March 6, 2021. This quickly sprang the Hornets to victory for this game while similar strategies secured the third game and the set for the Hornets. Video courtesy of Sac State Esports Club.

The Hornets took an early lead off of a gank, roaming from one lane to another, mid and ran with it. Compounding their early lead, the Hornet’s top laner Salvador “SalX55” Salazar playing Gnar kept the enemy Cho’Gath under pressure throughout the early and mid game resulting in the Vikings being behind in the later stages of the game. Winning the game and tying the match at around 30 minutes, 19 kills to 15 and a 6k gold lead.

The final game of the match saw all players on both teams switch their characters and an early and distinctive lead from the Vikings. However that changed with the Hornets choosing to engage in fights that they felt they would win, allowing the Hornets to overtake the Vikings through Gold and objective advantage. The Hornets secured the victory  against the Vikings after 29 minutes with 23 kills to 12 and a 13k gold lead.

Going into the playoffs, the Hornets will be getting a bye for their first match which would have taken place on March 13. Their next will be on March 20 at 3 p.m.

MetaShift League

The first MetaShift game is on the horizon with the Sac State Gold team going against the Elventus Crimson Reapers on March 14 at 5 p.m.


Losses all around for Valorant

New England Collegiate Conference

Sac State Green lost 2-0 against Florida Atlantic on March 10. Their first game on the map Ascent was in Green’s favor early on and they held onto that lead until choking at eight rounds in their favor. Atlantic then won eight rounds in a row before match point. A brief struggle ended with Atlantic winning the first game, 13-9.

Their second game, on the map Bind, had an even bigger disparity in points with Atlantic taking an early lead and Green taking a round here and there. Florida Atlantic won the game, 13-5, and the set, 2-0.

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NECC Valorant Green player Jose “SAC RuKs” Santiago wins a 3-1 clutch victory against Florida Atlantic on Wednesday, March 10, 2021. Though this round was won through excellent timing and aim, the rest of this game and the next proved to be too much. Video courtesy of Jose Santiago.

The Sac State Gold team played against Southern New Hampshire University on March 10, SNHU won 2-1. The first game on the map Ascent resulted in a SNHU victory, beating Gold 13-2.

“They caught us off guard with their attack strats,” said Harish “OMI” Kandaswamy over Discord. “Sometimes they would pretend to commit to a site and fake back to the other one, and other times they would rush a site with their full team. We had a hard time adjusting to their wild playstyle.”

The Gold Team pulled out a close victory, 13-9, on the following map, Bind, due to an improvement of communication and having been warmed up from the first game. The third game on the map Haven ended in a SNHU victory, 13-6, winning the set, 2-1.

Green and Gold’s next game is on March 17 versus Florida Gulf Coast University and Tiffin University respectively.

Eastern College Athletic Conference

The Hornets lost in 2-0 sweep vs. College of Staten Island: Dolphins on March 9. The first game on the map Ascent was a close game, coming down to the last two rounds where a couple of clutch plays secured the game for the Dolphins, 13-11.

The second game took place on the map Bind where both teams stayed neck-and-neck competing for every inch on the map. While the Hornets took an early lead, their steam shortly ran out, ceding the lead to the Dolphins (6-0) who went on to win the game, 13-9, and the set, 2-0.

“I just gotta chalk it up to them being a great team, the games were both really close and I think they were playing at a higher level than other teams in this league,” said Elijah “trippy” Arcelona over Discord. “We didn’t take them any lightly and we prepared as we would for even the best of teams and I think they just made a couple more clutch plays than us on both maps,” 

Arcelona said the team learned some valuable lessons on what to prepare for in the future.

“Definently playing for trades and not peeking in close situations are gonna be the main focus of practice this week and if we can get that locked down with our comms and coordination staying the same, we’ll see that improvement we need,” Arcelona said.

The Hornet’s is on March 16 Wayne State College as 5-1 in the season.


Cleaning up in Rocket League

The Sac State Rocket league team (4-2) won a sweeping victory against University of Hartford (3-3) on March 10.

Their next game will be on March 17 against the College of Staten Island’s Dolphins.


Crushing victories for the SSBU crew

The Sac State Gold (3-3) team played against University at Albany (2-4), March 8. The Gold team won 2-0 by taking advantage of Nathan “Always” Ng’s devastating plays as Lucina, by constantly keeping the opponents airborne then using quick and heavy hitting strikes to rack up damage.

Ng was able to burn through the majority of the opponents’ stocks allowing for Arturo “Zoro” Rodriguez as Sephiroth and Hector “PandaToast” Navarro as Sheik to pick up the remaining pieces.

The Green team (4-2) played and won, 2-1, against Molloy College (2-4) on March 8. What Started as a good lead by Jahque “JJ$TATIC” Wilson’s Snake was quickly stonewalled by the opponent’s Richter, another projectile based character. The Richter eventually was brought down by Dominik “sora” Ortiz’s R.O.B. Ortiz went on to drain the following Bowser of two stocks before being defeated. Aaron “ArgonGames” George cleaned up the remaining stock in a stunning 0% to death combo.

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SSBU Green member Aaron “ArgonGames” George, as Captain Falcon zero to death combos the opponent’s Bowser for the final stock of the game on Monday, March 8, 2021. Bowser proved to be a thorn in their side later when his heavy nature soaked up the damage to little results for the Green team. Video courtesy of Aaron George.

The second game proved to be a back-and-forth between the Green team and Molloy which ended in a victory for Molloy on Bowser’s heavy back. The third game Molloy led with the Bowser and the following Banjo & Kazooie which after being felled by Ortiz opened up the rest of the remaining Sephiroth to be chipped down by George and then Wilson.

Green and Gold’s next games are on March 15 against University of Hartford Red and Molloy College Lions respectively.