E-Swarm Report: Resounding victories for League and Valorant

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Rocket League lose flawless status


Aaron “ArgonGaming” George beats Concord University players with Captain Falcon, Feb. 15. George was however supposed to be playing State University New York: Canton. Taken via screenshot

Colby Case

Sac State continues its streak in League of Legends

Big Sky: 

The Sac State Hornets League of Legends team (5-0) took home another win in the Big Sky season Feb. 20, making them still undefeated.

The matches against Northern Arizona University (3-1) started strong with a distinct victory over NAU, however NAU zeroed in on the weakness of Sac State’s champion draft, too many low health characters, allowing NAU’s Kayne to get out of control and win the match.

“We just had some issues with our drafting and what we were trying to do as a team,” said Dakare “DvX” George. “I think we got complacent with just out-skilling the enemy team and we needed to focus on what works fundamentally.”

The Hornets regained their momentum in the third match, smashing through NAU in a concerted effort winning the set 2-1.

The Hornets were elevated to 6-0 this week due to a withdrawal and next week they will face the Vikings, a 3-2 team from Portland State University, on March 3. That match will determine if the Hornets complete an undefeated season.


Victories across the board in Valorant 

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Bryan “SAC Prodigy” Anunsacion Presses the advantage in the final game of the Valorant set on Feb. 16. Sac State dominates during the final game playing aggressively against Florida State University. Taken via screenshot.

New England Collegiate Conference:

The Sac State 2 team faced off against Midland University on Feb. 17. Sac State ended up taking the set 2-1 with a stylish ending to the final round.

te 2 took the first match on the map Bind by a relatively close score of 13-8. With the map switch to Ascent, Midland University took the second match with an even closer victory of 13-1, tying up the set.

The final match of the set took place on the map Split where a sneaky flank by Samuel “SAC HaZe” Caus sealed Midland’s fate, winning the match for Sac State 13-8.

The Sac State 1 team played immediately after, this time against Boise State University.

The first round ended in a close victory for Sac State after overtime on the map Icebox. The entire match kept both teams within a round of each other and ended 14-12.

The second map was Ascent and the match saw constant aggressive pushes from Sac State scrambling the Broncos’ defense. Sac State took a commanding lead early and held onto it, taking the second match 13-2 and winning the set.

Eastern College Athletic Conference:

match three of the ECAC Valorant season took place Feb. 16 and pitted Sac State against Florida State University. Both teams were 2-0 in the season’s Swiss-system bracket.

Sac State lost the first match 11-13 on Bind, due to clever FSU plays and brutal site retakes which caught Sac State off guard. Sac State’s second match on Ascent began with difficulty, losing multiple rounds at the start. Sac State dug their heels in caught up and threw the match into overtime where they won 14-12, tying the set.

The final match on Haven started opposite the first two. Sac State aggressively pushed out and destroyed FSU in a complete steamroll winning the match, 13-4, and the set 2-1. They’ll be 3-0 moving into next week.


Sac State loses close Rocket League match to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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Sac State loses their Rocket League match against Rensselear Polytechnic Institute on Feb. 17. A close game ends with RPI waiting out the clock with two points in the third game. Taken via screenshot.


Sac State lost a close match Feb. 17 against Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (3-2) in which several excellent plays left the rounds no more than one goal apart.

The victory for RPI came in the final match of the first-to-three format when they found an opening in a kickoff and then subsequent skirmishing, timing out the clock 2-0 in RPI’s favor.


Unfortunate miscommunication causes the Sac State Super Smash Bros. Ultimate team to forfeit against State University New York: Canton


A mistake in matchmaking and communication Feb. 15 led to a forced forfeit from the Sac State Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Green team, ending their win streak and leaving them 2-1 on the season. 

“[The] Gold team didn’t have enough people available to compete and I had messed up and submitted a forfeit for the Green team in place of Gold. Ended up accidentally forfeiting both teams,” said Isaac “jfreak51” Rodriguez, Sac State Gold team leader, over Discord. “Pretty dumb on my part. We’ll come back for sure though.”

Sac State Gold was supposed to play against Concord University while Sac State Green was supposed to play against State University New York: Canton.

The mistake was a miscommunication over Discord between Rodriguez and the team lead for SUNY: Canton. Rodriguez, thinking he was speaking to the CU team lead, said he forfeited because of lack of players.

“I was hyped to go against them again, only to have messed it up,” said Rodriguez, who played SUNY: Canton last semester. “We’ll [definitely] get em if we meet again though. We’ve been practicing our skills.”