THE LO-DOWN: Let’s talk about ‘the ick’ and ‘ghosting’

Dating is more horrifying than Halloween itself


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Lauren Vannucci

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It’s officially spooky season and I could not think of a better time to react to my favorite “ick” and “ghosting” stories I received from my followers on TikTok. Let me tell you, I was not let down. 

If you’re not familiar with “the ick” or “ghosting,” no worries! I got you covered.

“The Ick” 

“A clown, that’s clown shit.” *cue TikTok sound*

“The ick” is a dating term that is used to describe an action of someone that gives you the sudden overwhelming urge to cringe and you are immediately nauseated by their entire existence. The ick doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with someone, it just means they did something irritating enough for you to not be able to shake it off.  

I got the ick one time when a guy had to stop and tie his shoes while we were on a walk. But here is the ringer, he did them in BUNNY EARS! Even though I don’t know how to tie my own shoes any other way than bunny ears, it just repulses me from anyone else. 

The best ick comments from TikTok: 

“Thinking about him eating/peeling a hard-boiled egg or eating deviled eggs.” — @journeyorchanian

Oh my god, imagine the shells getting stuck in his fingernails then picking them out with his teeth and wiping them on his shirt! Absolutely not. And to make this ick even worse, imagine the lingering smell he has of eggs on his breath and hands because he probably didn’t wash his hands after. NOPE! 

“Imagining them crying about math” 1/2

“Or like…… getting lost in a grocery store or having to ask for help” 2/2 — @haileyfleming_x

Personally, I feel the math one because I give myself the ick thinking about me being that kid sitting at the dinner table trying to do my homework while a sea of tears are dripping onto my take-home sheet and my dad is trying to explain to me the concept of y=mx+b for the 47th time. 


Imagine them coming back home after making a run to the store on a holiday and their mom opens the grocery bag and starts yelling at them because they got margarine when she told them to get butter and it delays the whole family dinner so they go to their room and get upset about it until their mom knocks to come get them when dinner is ready. And they were crying because their mom didn’t appreciate them going to the store in the first place. Holiday ruined. I can’t deal. 

“Walking back after missing pins while bowling.” — @alliewhop

HAHA. The only thing I could think of that is actually worse is if they asked for bumpers! I went on a date with this guy in high school and he got mad when he didn’t get a spare and then went to the bathroom for like ten minutes. I think he was crying. 


“Ghosting” is a term used for when you are talking to someone or have plans then they disappear out of NOWHERE. Sometimes ghosting is the easiest way to stop talking to someone because it’s easier to block them than to have to explain why you’re not into them anymore.  

Being ghosted sucks. Whether it’s romantically, or by a friend or classmate, it stings, especially if they give you no reason why they left you on read and disappeared from your DMs. 

A time I ghosted someone was when he told me he had never been to Trader Joe’s. I could work with that… but then he told me he only shops at Costco. I ran for the hills!  

(I can’t include any stories of times I have been ghosted by someone because I haven’t talked to them since I was ghosted, so I don’t know what I did. Really humbling.)

The best ghosting comments from TikTok:

“He was over at my place and told me that the Bath & Body Works candle I was burning was summoning demons.” -@alyssabertolojohnston 

All right, I am not a huge fan of the smell of some candles because some scents can be SUPER overwhelming, but your “Warm Sugar Vanilla” candle is more likely summoning the elves at the North Pole, not demons! You had every right to never talk to him again. 

“I got ghosted when I told a girl I was a Scorpio.” — @kelciemendoca31

I always ask when someone’s birthday is and then immediately check our compatibility after.  I love Scorpios, but you KNOW the rep they have as a whole zodiac sign!  I’m really sorry that happened, but look at it as a blessing in disguise. You probably weren’t compatible anyways.

“I didn’t like the way his name went with me. Greg and Rebekah makes us sound like a 40-year-old married couple with three kids.” — @bekahhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

No hate to anyone named Greg or Rebekah, but this is one I can totally relate to. Even though I’m not dating with the intention to marry anytime soon, I always think of the small possibility that if we do happen to work out, their last name is a huge deal breaker for me. But that’s why I will be keeping my last name, hehe. 

Don’t be a W(b)itch!

It’s super easy to catch the ick or ghost someone if you are unsure about the relationship in the beginning. I am the queen of this. However, it doesn’t feel very good to be ghosted. If you don’t want to continue a relationship with someone, let them know!

Unless it is as bad as saying your candle is summoning demons. 

Halloween is quickly approaching! Make sure to stay safe and as always, take care of yourself.

Be kind! And be awesome! You’re all hot, ily <3