OPINION: Soulmates are real, and they can be platonic

The love of friendship is just as strong as romantic love


Photo courtesy of Kayla Brown: State Hornet opinion writer Kayla Brown and her friends at her going away dinner in August 2018 From left to right; Lauren, Kristen, Mercy, Kayla and Christina

Kayla Brown

I met one of my lifelong friends, Lauren, when we were each about 1 year old and I punched her, knocking her out in a “Mommy and Me” group. 

Ever since then I have been best friends with her and her older sister, Rachel. 

But our friendship extends beyond that. They are my soulmates. My platonic soulmates. 

I could use Greek Mythology, Japenese legend or even Jewish scriptures to convince you that soulmates are real, but I’m not going to. My own experience with soulmates is what I know best, and it’s how I learned that they’re real. Not only that, but they can be more than romantic. 

Platonic means “relating to, or being a relationship marked by the absence of romance or sex,” according to Merriam-Webster

Photo courtesy of Kayla Brown: Kayla (right) and Rachel (left) at Rachel’s engagement party on August 24, 2019

This past February, I befriended Leticia through Her Campus, Sac State’s chapter of an online magazine for college women, written by college women

At first I was intimidated by her since she was the president of the club, but as the semester went on we started to talk more. 

One day, we were on campus together and started to get to know each other better, when we realized we lived practically the same life, but on opposite ends of the state. 

We became inseparable. 

At first, I was scared to call them soulmates because I always believed that word was reserved for my future spouse. After meeting Leticia, I realized these three women are more to me than friends. 

They are soulmates, people I was destined to meet and spend the rest of my life with. 

We, as a society, are so scared to use the term soulmate, and I get it. It’s scary to think you can call someone a soulmate and several years down the line, they’re no longer in your life. 

But with platonic soulmates it’s different.

These are the people you want to spend time with, and even if you haven’t spoken in days or months at a time, a single text message can get you right back on track. 

Photo courtesy of Kayla Brown: Lauren (right) and Kayla (left) at Kayla’s 4th birthday party in November of 2002

And when you have platonic soulmates you realize you aren’t just limited to one soulmate. As much as I love all of my other friends, no one will compare to the spiritual connection I have with my platonic soulmates. 

I’ve only known Leticia for a few months but it feels like I’ve known her just as long as Lauren and Rachel. Because with platonic soulmates, it feels like you’ve been connected for longer than you have. 

 If you’re doubtful about the existence of platonic soulmates then maybe you just haven’t met yours yet. But they’re out there and when you do finally meet them, it’ll feel as if you’ve been best friends since kindergarten.