Sac State’s Women’s Resource Center hosts open house

Event introduces center’s new location in Union


Patrick Walsh

The Women’s Resource Center, located on the 2nd floor of the University Union. Sac State’s Women Resource Center held an open house on Tuesday, Sept. 25.

Patrick Walsh

Sacramento State’s Women’s Resource Center hosted an open house Tuesday, the center’s first open house since moving to the Cottonwood Suite on the second floor of the University Union last semester.

Previously the Women’s Resource Center shared space with Sac State’s PRIDE Center on the first floor of the Union. With the expansion of the University Union last semester, the Women’s Resource Center moved into its own space on the newly renovated section of the 2nd floor, with the PRIDE Center staying in the old location. 

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Several campus groups were in attendance at the open house, including Women in STEM, Diverse Empowered Women, Her Campus, Brown Issues, First Year Experience and the Speech Pathology Multicultural Group. 

Kristyn Cairo, a student assistant for the Women’s Resource Center, said the event was well-attended and accomplished its goal. 

“The Open House allowed us to interact with students from different majors,” said Cairo. “The tours helped them understand the resources we provide.” 

Cairo said she hopes that students will be able to use the Women’s Resource Center to feel more welcome at Sac State.

“It’s hard for every student to feel welcome on campus,” Cairo said. “It’s nice to be that place where students are referred to resources if they have food insecurities or are marginalized in some way.” 

Leah Diaz, another student assistant, first came into contact with the Women’s Resource Center through an internship program it offers called SPEAK, Students Promoting Education Awareness and Knowledge.

“We have honest dialogue about patriarchy, toxic masculinity and feminism,” Diaz said, referring to SPEAK. “Many students don’t have these conversations because that’s not their major. It’s important to have a variety of knowledge.”

Diaz said that she found a home in the Women’s Resource Center.

“I commute to campus so I wanted to find a home away from home,” she said. “I’m on campus a lot so finding a space that acknowledged me was really important.

Aisha Engle, the supervisor of the Women’s Resource Center, said that Sac State is one of the few California State University campuses where women’s centers are being expanded. 

“A lot of centers are being absorbed into other departments or disappearing altogether. We’re in an age where reproductive rights are under attack and we face challenges with pay equity,” Engle said. ”It says something that we are prioritizing women’s spaces on this campus.” 

Engle said she was pleased with the open house’s attendance and success. 

“The students were able to leverage the center’s resources at the event. A sample of students won t-shirts and received books from completing the tour and visiting the clubs,” Engle said. 

Engle said that all students are welcome at the Center.

“Some students may hear the name ‘Women’s Resource Center’ and think, ‘that’s not me,’” Engle said. “But everyone can visit and learn to be a better ally.”