Sac State alumna and 102.5 KSFM radio personality shines on air

Bianca Ventura holds a key spot in radio show lineup

Brooke Uhlenhop

Chris Brown and Drake’s “No Guidance” played softly through the speakers of the 102.5 KSFM studio as on-air host and Sacramento State alumna Bianca Ventura edited a sound bite to play as the song ended. 

As she got ready to go back on air, the music stopped playing throughout the room. Now on her rose gold Beats headphones, she worked the soundboard and played back the call she just edited between songs. 

A monitor showed “Keeping up with the Kardashians” on mute in the corner. 

Periodically, Ventura would sing a line from “Act Up” by City Girls as she closed out her midday show. 

“I just had the City Girls on so I have it stuck in my head right now,” she said. 

The radio station plays hip-hop and R&B, with the occasional throwback hit or pop song. During her show, Ventura takes calls from fans for contests and introduces songs, all while making sure the playlist goes right. 

Bianca grew up listening to Ryan Seacrest on the radio in the morning in her native Los Angeles and was captivated by music. She said she always watched music videos and the daily countdowns on MTV, completely fascinated by the music industry. 

“I was always one of those kids who memorized lyrics and made playlists,” she said. 

Ventura later moved to Sacramento and attended Elk Grove High School before eventually graduating from Sac State in 2018.

Ventura is a radio natural. While it seems like she was made for radio, she did not always feel that way.

“I originally thought I wanted to become an elementary school teacher,” Ventura said. “But after doing a couple classes and going into the classrooms, I realized that I had spent most of my life in a classroom. I wanted to explore something that was different. So then I changed my major to journalism.”

When Ventura decided she wanted to pursue a career in media, she was inspired by a friend of hers from high school in the same career path and decided to go all-in on it. 

She started applying to entry-level jobs at radio stations, television stations, basically anywhere that was hiring for the sake of experience. Ventura recommends any students considering a job in radio or television do the same.

“I would say to put yourself out there,” she said. “Also asking questions. People will take the time to help you.”

Her infectious energy and go-get-it attitude made her a stand out from the start, and she was hired by the KSFM Street Team

Bianca worked with the team for a year before being offered the Saturday night spot on the station, and later the midday show, all while going to school and working other jobs.

Eucario Calderon – The State Hornet
Bianca Ventura, known on-air as Bianca V, records a sound bite for her midday radio show on 102.5 KSFM on Friday, Sept. 20. Ventura graduated from Sac State in 2018.

“Even working on the Street Team and working the concerts, and just helping people run the shows, take care of the artists, make sure that things got done. I really like the adrenaline of it,” Ventura said. “I definitely think I thrive in a fast-paced environment.” 

Ventura came to the realization that radio was what she was meant to do during KSFM’s Hella Summer concert in July of this year. 

“I had never been in front of an audience that big and we were introducing all of the artists and I wasn’t nervous at all,” she said. “It just reminded me of being back in middle school and elementary school because I used to host the talent shows and I used to love doing that. 

“Just coming out and introducing the acts, and getting people pumped, feeding off of the energy, that’s what I love.” 

Since then, Ventura has fully embraced her position as a public figure. She noted that she is a big fan of social media, and her presence on social platforms was part of the reason she got noticed. 

“If someone has an event going on they send you the flier, and if it’s something you want to share and you want to be there in support, I’ll share it easily,” she said about her platform. 

Ventura is also involved with City of Refuge Sacramento, a group that empowers people in marginalized groups throughout the city. When asked about her involvement, she lit up.

“I met friends that I’m still close with to this day, they’re like my sisters. I really got that community that I wanted,” she said. “It really brings like purpose to my life and I really enjoy it.”

With City of Refuge, Venture focused on uplifting young girls and empowering women to be anything they want to be. She showed the same passion for radio and entertaining when she talked about City of Refuge.

When Bianca is not in the studio she likes to hang out at coffee shops to get work done. Her favorite shop is Temple Coffee Roasters.

To say Ventura has fun being on the airwaves would be an understatement. She loves being a voice in the city she grew up in.

Ventura currently hosts weekdays on 102.5 KSFM, from 10 a.m to 3 p.m.