Walking voted 2019 ‘Best Transportation’ at Sac State


Imani Morton

Sac State supports multiple forms of transportation such as biking, riding a scooter, the Herky Streetcar, JUMP bikes and e-scooters, as well as a new driverless shuttle, “Olli”, which made its debut in February.

But according to The State Hornet’s third annual Best of Sac State results, those means of transportation aren’t favored. This year, Sac State students voted walking as the best on-campus mode of transportation.

Naomi Torres, a senior criminal justice major, said that since her freshman year she has been walking to and from campus as well as during her school day.

“I live in the Upper Eastside Lofts which are right by campus, so I’ve always walked,” Torres said. “I never even thought of using a bike or scooter on campus.”

Other students feel that walking to class is a good way to stay active in college.

“Because Sac State is a good sized campus, I get my exercise in while I’m on the way to class,” communications major Lana Nguyen said. “It’s really a benefit of being on campus.”

“Who the hell would go on a JUMP scooter or bike? I just don’t find any sense in that,” Nguyen said. “When you’re on campus, just walk.”

Similarly, other students believe that because Sac State is a fairly small campus compared to others, non-walking means of transportation are not necessary.

Senior Kaira Bradley said that Sac State is small enough that students can just walk anywhere they need to go.

“It’s not like our campus is so huge that we would have to use Olli or a bike to get to far destinations,” Bradley said. “Our classes are walking distance.”

French major Hadji Fall also said that all her different classes are close to each other.

“Since campus is usually overcrowded, walking is definitely my favorite mode of transportation,” Fall said. “I don’t use other forms of transportation because my classes aren’t spread out. It takes me about three to five minutes to walk from class to class.”

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