Student accused of embezzling from Sac State Dreamer Resource Center

The money deposited was collected from coordinating a campus event


Dom Vitiello

The Sac State Police Department conducted an investigation into the embezzlement that occurred. The embezzlement was first noticed in the crime logs available at the campus police department’s front desk.

Reanna Simmons

A public records request revealed that a former Sacramento State student is accused of embezzling funds intended for the Dreamer Resource Center (DRC) emergency fund.

Director of News and Communication Brian Blomster identified the student employee, via email, as Rossmeri Ramirez.

Ramirez is not currently attending Sac State. Ramirez did not respond to requests for comment.

On January 2, 2019, Sac State’s assistant bursar and university cashier notified the campus police department on the possibility of embezzlement.

The bursar’s office at Sac State was notified by a member of the Wells Fargo fraud team that several checks totaling $5,850.00 made out to Sac State were being deposited into a student employee’s personal bank account.

An officer from Sac State’s police department conducted an investigation into the embezzlement that occurred. They spoke with Wells Fargo, the student employee’s supervisor and university management.

The information was obtained via a California Public Records act request filed by The State Hornet.  

The student employee received the money from coordinating a university hosted event, according to Blomster.  

Blomster said the checks Ramirez took were intended for the Keeping the Dream Alive Conference and the funds were going towards the DRC Emergency Fund for students.

The DRC Emergency fund is for students in a temporary financial crisis that would threaten their education said Vice President for Student Affairs, Ed Mills.

We review our procedures and practices for handling University resources to safeguard them,” Blomster said. “Unfortunately, someone chose to betray the University’s trust. Ultimately, though, because of safeguards in place, she was caught.”

University Bursar Elena Larson said in the time she’s worked at Sac State this has not happened before.

The DRC did not respond to request for comment.