REVIEW: Reprised songs in ‘A Moment Apart’ by ODESZA are amazing

The album debuted in 2017, new versions released Nov. 29


Brittney Delgado - The State Hornet

ODESZA performing for their “A Moment Apart” tour at the Greek Theater, UC Berkeley on Oct. 26, 2017. The duo released 8 reprised songs in their “A Moment Apart” deluxe edition.

Brittney Delgado, Arts & Entertainment editor

With eight reprised songs, ODESZA released a deluxe edition to their 2017 album “A Moment Apart” on Thursday.

The electronic music duo comprised of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight formed back in 2012 and I have been following them ever since. Their growth in music production and show production is just out of this world.

I have listened to the original album at least once a week since its release back in 2017. That is not an exaggeration—the songs are just that good. The original album is all electronic, so the instruments being used is a nice switch.

Three of my favorite songs from ODESZA’s 2017 album are “Boy,” “Line of Sight” and “Falls.”

In the deluxe edition, they remade an instrumental and acoustic version of both “Line of Sight” and “Falls,” and I completely lost it. They outdid themselves again. I thought I couldn’t fall in love with these songs any more than I had initially, but I was wrong.

“Line of Sight” is about being able to see eye to eye with someone while learning from mistakes and from each other.

This song resonates with me because when I wasn’t able to see eye to eye with someone, the person I was having conflict with always told me I have to see it from a different perspective — that there is always room to learn.

The song has two perspectives. In one verse of the song, the lyrics say, “No I don’t learn, It’ll all be fine this time,” and in another verse they say, “And I already know, you know I could learn,” meaning that just because one person isn’t willing to keep trying, it doesn’t mean that the other person can’t learn from mistakes.

Even though the lyrics provide so much depth to the song, the new edition makes me feel so much more than I did before. Something about the slowness of the song just allows me to understand exactly what the lyrics mean.

It starts off with a slow piano melody and at around 35 seconds violins add on — it makes you feel like you’re watching an orchestra play this live.

The song “Falls” is about wanting to give up but not doing so just yet. This song could relate to anyone that has too much on their plate and needs encouragement to keep pushing.

This is a perfect album to listen to if you are feeling down. Most songs are uplifting and have meaningful lyrics. They allow you to take a step back, take a breath and reflect.