Student’s life changed after accidentally finding passion for art


Margherita Beale - The State Hornet

Savannah Edgeworth is a 23-year-old art education major at Sac State. Edgeworth said she draws inspiration for her abstract expressionist paintings from life experiences.

Margherita Beale, News editor

Savannah Edgeworth, a Sacramento State art education major, said that her favorite part of creating art is the process itself.

She said that in the same way that a person may experience a “runner’s high” — a feeling of euphoria during or after running — she goes into a trance as she paints.

“I have to be in a certain mood a somber, depressed, Coldplay mood,” Edgeworth said. “A way in which I can feel it and then, I can start painting.”

Edgeworth said her style is rooted in abstract expressionism. Through unidentifiable characters and colors, she expresses traumatic experiences in her life.

“I battle mental illness, depression and anxiety, and I just put it into my art,” Edgeworth said. “I went from being homeless to supporting myself through college. It was kind of a culture shock, and how I dealt with that was through art, because art has always been with me.”

Photo courtesy of Savannah Edgeworth

Edgeworth said she “accidentally” began painting in high school, when her mother picked an art class as an elective for her. She said this was how she discovered a passion for art and met a mentor who inspired her to pursue a career in art and teaching.

“I was never that talented person,” Edgeworth said. “I went into the art class and I was like, ‘I’m determined to get better at this,’ because I really liked it.

Now, Edgeworth has displayed her art at a variety of local galleries and shows. Most recently, she participated in CONNECT, an artists showcase held at Ace of Spades in September, which included students from Sac State.

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Since high school, Edgeworth said her style has changed. She started with acrylics and watercolors and eventually shifted to oil painting, the medium she prefers today.

“Now I use oil painting, which is super expensive but really fun, because you get that vibrancy,” she said. “It’s like driving a Ford and then driving a Mercedes.”

Edgeworth’s friend Brianna Luna, 22, said what she loves most about her friend’s art is its’ brightness and vibrancy.

“[Her art] has a lot of meaning to it but [it’s] still very bright,” Luna said. “It’s not just dark paintings that make you sad; it’s art to make you think and analyze, but it’s also really pretty.”

Luna also said that through art, Edgeworth has grown both as a person and as an artist.

“She’s expanding her art. Not only is her art growing but she’s finding other things she can do,” Luna said. “She’s very passionate. She always sees the good. Even though we all know the world isn’t perfect, she always tries to see the positive sides.”

Photo courtesy of Savannah Edgeworth

During her time at San Joaquin Delta College and Sac State, Edgeworth said she found stability and passion. By surrounding herself with other artists, she has felt both inspired and empowered.

Edgeworth is set to graduate this year and said she plans on substitute teaching until she can start teaching art in high school.

“It went by so fast,” Edgeworth said. “I have enjoyed it a lot. I blinked and it’s already time to graduate. It’s almost not fair.”