OPINION: An update after your two-week nap: the Cavs actually won!

Another year, another NBA Finals lead blown by the Warriors.


Erik Drost / Flickr by CC 2.0

Under improbable odds, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2018 NBA Finals. How could you miss it!?

Alex Daniels, Opinion editor

Did you just wake up from a roughly two-week nap from under a rock? You missed a lot.

It’s June 17, 2018, and the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship after coming back from being down 3-0 and defeating the Golden State Warriors in Game 7.

Yeah, we all thought the series was over after Warriors forward Kevin Durant had an incredible performance in Game 3. But we would’ve never guessed that Durant would be held scoreless for the rest of the series.

We would’ve never guessed that Warriors guard Stephen Curry was forced to miss Game 6 due to a stomach virus after eating one of his wife’s recipes. Those spicy meatballs, they’ll get you.

We would’ve never guessed that with the game tied with 30 seconds left in Game 5, Warriors center JaVale McGee would take the ball and score it into the Cavaliers’ hoop to give the Cavaliers the victory.

I mean, McGee!? That dude has a 300 basketball IQ. Nobody could’ve ever predicted that one.

We would’ve never guessed that Cavaliers forward Cedi Osman, who came in after Cavaliers forward LeBron James broke his heart, would get a triple-double in Game 7 to earn Finals MVP.

That was one crazy episode of Jerry Springer.

We would’ve never guessed that Draymond Green would be suspended the rest of the series after punching a referee in the face — OK, maybe we all saw that coming.

But this improbable comeback by the Cavaliers without Lebron James is something nobody saw coming.

Who could ever forget that Game 5 performance by Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith, who scored a playoff-record 70 points while drinking two bottles of Hennessy on the bench throughout the game? Incredible.

Now let me tell you, this series created one incredible moment after another that kept all of us on the edge of the seats.

Seeing Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson hit the go-ahead three in Game 7 and then blowing a kiss to Khloe Kardashian in the audience was incredible — especially after Thompson was seen kissing Khloe’s sister Kim in the locker room after Game 6.

That tweetstorm Kanye produced the next morning was certainly legendary, to say the least.

But you gotta root for Tristan and Khloe. Glad to see that romantic moment after the rough patches they’ve been having — the cheating rumors surfacing right before their daughter True was born gave us a scare. Sometimes, the truth can be scary.

After this dramatic series, a few questions arose off the court that may lead to interesting storylines going into the offseason and beyond.

What happens with Kevin Durant now?

Yes, I know. I couldn’t believe it either when Durant said that “Sacramento is better than Oakland” on Twitter after game 7 either.

Seriously, what a crazy comment to make. But for Kings fans like myself, this has to be music to our ears.

Will Durant make the jump to Sacramento? Will Kings fans forget him being a “snake” for going to the Warriors in the first place?

The King to the Kings?

James telling the press that he “isn’t a true King until he gives the Kings a ring” after game 7 was improbable.

I mean, James and Durant to Sacramento!? That is almost as unthinkable as this series was, which all definitely happened.

And you, the person who slept under a rock for roughly two weeks, missed it all.