Keeping up with the campus trends


Sharlene Phou - The State Hornet

Raul Hernandez

Everybody wants to keep up with the latest trends during their college years. Take a walk around the Sacramento State campus, and you’ll notice students sporting similar gear. They’re sipping out of bulky Hydro Flask brand water bottles. They’re attaching new accessories to the back of their phones. Stickers seem to be popping up everywhere too and are used to customize mobile devices. If you’re curious about these items and want to follow the crowd, we’ve compiled a list to get you started.

Sharlene Phou – The State Hornet
Claudia Baeza, a senior dance major, covers her laptops from top to bottom with different stickers.


While many people may be familiar with the art of “sticker bombing” on cars, the trend has also made its way to college campuses. Students are personalizing their school supplies with stickers that express their individual interests and hobbies. A flurry of stickers can be found on anything from laptops and phones to reusable water bottles and notebooks.

A majority of these stickers are specific and often so random that they can’t be found in stores or coin machines. Redbubble, an online print shop, has a large variety of stickers and other creative items designed by independent artists. While artists are responsible for uploading their designs, printing and shipping is handled professionally by the company itself. The stickers are removable and come in four sizes, small stickers start at $2.

Redbubble also offers special deals, including a 25 percent discount when you buy four stickers, and 50 percent when you buy 10.

Liam Braddy – The State Hornet
Sarah Lujan, a kinesiology major, said that she collects stickers in place of postcards when she visits new places.

Hydro Flask water bottles

Another popular item often seen in backpack pockets is the Hydro Flask, and it’s not uncommon to see it adorned in stickers as well. What makes this water bottle stand out from the rest is the vacuum-insulated technology that guards the temperature of the beverage inside. This means it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for long periods of time.

While the water bottles are very popular, the prices can be steep. The smallest size is 18 ounces and is sold for about $30. Larger sizes range from $32-$43 and can be purchased on Amazon or at

Liam Braddy – The State Hornet
Diego Merado, a communications studies major, sports a navy Herschel backpack to campus.


Whether it’s for elementary school or college, one of the key essentials for the stylish student is a cool, eye-catching backpack. The backpacking game is still evolving for college students who want to wear the latest styles.

Takata backpacks can easily be distinguished by their bright-colored, racing harnesses that are used as backpack straps. Racing seat material is also used as part of the front pocket of the backpack. As a result, the item stands as a fan favorite for many car enthusiasts.

Herschel Supply Co. is another backpack brand popular with students. Also known as the “Little America Backpack,” the design is unique for the adjustable magnetic strap closures with metal pin clips. They can be found at most retail stores and online at the Herschel website. Prices range from $20-$200.

Takata backpacks meanwhile are available online for $39.99 at the Tuned in Tokyo website, which is a streetwear brand known for selling items dedicated to car apparel and the JDM lifestyle.

Liam Braddy – The State Hornet
Talia Garcia, a criminal justice major, said that the PopSocket makes her phone easier to hold.


This odd, little, round accessory can be found stuck to the back of phones. While it appears to be a design aesthetic, the PopSocket functions by popping out of its socket and used as a kickstand. Slide it between two fingers to get a better grip. Gone are the days of dropping your phone on your face when laying down. You can also wrap your earbuds around the socket to keep them from tangling.

PopSockets come in a variety of fun designs to express your individuality, and you can make your own custom design at the PopSocket website. Prices range from $8-$15.