PRIDE Center hosts queer picnic on Library Quad to celebrate Pride Week

Marvin Davis

On April 7 at 12 p.m. on the Library Quad, the PRIDE Center held a picnic open to all in celebration of Pride Week and LGBT students.

The PRIDE Center, the Student Health Center and the Lavender Library all held booths at the picnic. They were each there in support of Pride Week while also giving students the support they might need.

The Pride Center was holding faux marriage ceremonies at their booth. Business sophomore Jose Arias described it as a deconstruction of the idea of marriage.

“Any two students could come up to the booth, we would give them flowers and say they’re married,” Arias said. “We trying to give an exploration of marriage equality and also of gender boundaries.”

At the Student Health Center’s booth, students were able to receive information about safe sex practices. Senior Daisy Rios was one of the students holding down the booth and she described the services the Health Center provides for students.

“We’re to help educate students about sex and healthy mindsets that they should keep in mind,” Rios said. “We have a list of positive attitudes towards sex at the booth and we’re also demonstrating proper condom use.”

The Lavender Library, Archives and Cultural Exchange, a nonprofit organization, held open the third booth. They were there to provide books written by prominent LGBT authors to any student who wished to view them.

“People like to see themselves in these books and to learn about their history,” said Cindy Baudoin, board treasurer of LLACE. “They give people someone to look up to, the courage to be who they are.”

The PRIDE Center will be hosting more events for Pride Week including Viva la Joteria: a Panel on Queer and Trans Xicanx Experiences on Thursday at 6 p.m.