KSSU radio station celebrates 25 years of giving voice to Sac State community


Senior Jerel Labson DJs in the KSSU studio in the University Union, Friday, Apr. 8.

Maria Lesso

*Correction: In the previous version of this article, we incorrectly identified KEDG as Sac State’s first student-run radio station. KEDG was the university’s second, KERS was the first. Also, KEDG was an open format station with modern/progressive music, not strictly rock.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of KSSU, a radio station run entirely by Sacramento State students. The anniversary will come with a series of celebrations including guest appearances by former DJs, the founders of KSSU and a reception open to students.

“The anniversary will talk about how it all started and how it got here to where it is today,” said Andrew Garcia, KSSU station manager.

KSSU will hold its celebration April 15 in the University Union from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The celebration will be held a month earlier than KSSU’s actual anniversary, which is May 14.

After the original station, KERS, was shut down in 1974, KEDG hit the airwaves in 1991. A year later, the name was changed to KSSU.

The KSSU website has a timeline that contains the history of the development of the station from idea to online platform for any students who might be interested.

KSSU is a 24/7 online radio station with a variety of music and programming. Students are provided a free form of expression during their hours. Students can design shows to talk about anything they want. Politics, news, music, relationships and sports are some of the subjects students are currently discussing at KSSU.

Luis Reyes, junior and sociology major, said he is an avid listener of KSSU. He said he is excited that they will be recognized for all their hard work.

“I love to support local bands and artists,” Reyes said. “When I transferred to Sac State and found out they had a radio station, I tuned in quickly.”

Walking into the KSSU Hot Spot, students can see the community presence. Many students and DJs hang out there daily. .

“KSSU came to be my home away from home,” Garcia said.

A reception will be held in the Delta Ballroom at the University Union which will allow the generations of DJs and student producers to mingle.

Andrew Pasquini, the sports director of KSSU, talked about the presence of the founders’ involvement in the celebration. The founders of KSSU will have a panel and in studio session. They will talk about their journey and the history of how KSSU was brought to Sac State.

“It’s a celebration not just of the station but of what KSSU stands for the people who have done it,” Pasquini said. “It will be cool to meet former DJs and kind of get everyone in one room.”

Garcia explained that he doesn’t know where his college life would have taken him if he hadn’t joined KSSU. His friends, roommates, job experience and hobbies are all part of KSSU.

“KSSU is a cool, out-there place where students can listen in on cool music and feel inspiration in the voice of their fellow students,” Garcia said.