21B loves rock and roll and knows how to show it at Nooner concert

Vu Chau

Universally, music never fails to wake up emotions for people of all ages and sizes. This perception was ever more evident at this week’s Nooner concert, when the tunes of a local rock band made an elderly lady dance with her walking cane in hand.

Though she left after its first 10 minutes, the show went on with a series of original and covered performances from 21B.

21B is a Sacramento-based modern alternative-rock group that consists of lead vocalist Jebby K., drummer Jim Heberling, guitarist Craig Pattenaude and bassist Graeme K.

Jebby K. formed 21B, formerly known as Seven Flags, in 2005 with his son Graeme K., who was only 12 years old then.

“We like to talk music a lot,” Jebby K. said of his and Graeme’s father-and-son dynamic. “We’d stay up late watching YouTube and comparing notes with one another. I can’t ask for anything more.”

Due to personal reasons, Pattenaude and Graeme K. did not perform at the Nooner concert Wednesday in the University Union Serna Plaza. Replacing them was guitarist and Jebby K.’s friend, Dave Bosley.

At the concert, the empty crowd at the beginning changed to a more lively scene as it went on, and more students began to stop by in between classes to enjoy their lunch.

21B opened the show with a cover of the 1981 famous hit by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, “I Love Rock N’ Roll.”

The band followed the performance with a number of original songs from its 2013 debut album, “Shake Off the World.”

21B ended the show by getting blues-y with its tunes and Jebby K. jumping off the stage onto the field of grass at the Serna Plaza.