With leisure comes responsibility


State Hornet Staff

By this age, we are used to hearing, “Be safe!” when heading out to a party or the bar. We may even be used to hearing the story of so-and-so who got alcohol poisoning or a DUI. But will we start listening, instead of hearing, when a situation hits close to home?

The campus has been mourning the loss of a student, who was killed in a car accident in which the driver is accused of having been under the influence.

Just last week, Sacramento State sent out a message reminding students to be responsible in potentially unsafe situations: to not be a bystander, to know your limits and to utilize campus resources like Safe Rides.

As adults who practice responsibility in many aspects in our lives, juggling school with work and a personal life, it too is imperative to do with our own, and others’, well being.

Simple actions like calling an Uber or taking away that extra drink from your friend may be all that’s needed to keep a good night from becoming a horrible one you can’t take back.